Of the Wolves is a global resource and platform focused on stories, stewardship, and experiential services. We exist: in service of something far more important than creating and selling “content," something ancient: sharing stories with the intent to pass information, preserve tradition and art, and to connect. Also the abolition of shame, the open discussion of sometimes private challenges like sobriety and mental illness, and celebration of earthly magic. We forge on: to facilitate real ways to consume sustainably, be stewards on this planet, and to provide practical tools for a higher quality of human experience for a global audience. We’ve no interest in a picture-perfect life, just the real stuff – substance over show – and uniting like-minded people around the world as technology and global strife seem to divide us.

Our Wolf Pack, our team of over 20 contributors, consists of actresses, entrepreneurs, clairvoyants, clinical psychologists, certified life coaches, wildlife conservationists, poets, writers, musicians and more. Magically one of a kind, Powerfully part of the pack. That’s who we ALL are.

My dear friend and I co-pilot Of The Wolves - Lulu Brud Zsebe, actress and storyteller. Living in Los Angeles and working in creative fields, I’ve met plenty of people. You make connections, you find ways to create mutually beneficial scenarios. But people who are truly meant to meet and co-create something that is an extension of their soul purposes is rare and special. I feel blessed to be a part of paving this meaningful way forward.