Photo for The Chalkboard Magazine of hosted event

Photo for The Chalkboard Magazine of hosted event

“Micha blends her business savvy, keen intuition, and ability to ask pointed questions that get to the heart of the matter in her approach as a consultant and coach.  She creates a warm and welcoming space for exploration and growth, yet she’s progressive in that she’s two steps ahead leading me down the path towards my goals.  I love that Micha is a marketing and strategy ninja with an entrepreneurial spirit.  In this way, she can meet me in my quest for both personal and professional self-discovery.  WIthin our first session, I had major clarity on a challenge that had been weighing on me for months, and I knew that was just the beginning!”
Andie Jones, Functional Nutritionist

"I have not worked with Micha as a coach, but I have known her for ten years in a professional capacity and I can attest to her hard work and dedication to all projects that come her way.   I can highly recommend working with her due to the integrity, honesty and commitment to the she brings to her work.  She is also a kind and caring human being, which makes her ideally suited to the role of a life coach.  She can absolutely trust her."
Michael Spiegelman, Vice President, Global Product Innovation at Netflix

"Reclaiming the story: that’s the second step. All of the women speaking up, and all of the women and men saying ‘I believe you,’ are doing this work, are calling us up from the belly of the thing. Are unwrapping the parentheses. Are speaking out, and in doing so, are giving others the permission to speak. There are many women and communities doing this important and vital work, and, as an end-note, I want to point you towards one of them, because most of their content is free to the public...Of the Wolves is a community founded by Lulu Brud and Micha Thomas that creates 'safe, educational, and inclusive storytelling content as a refreshing alternative to limiting, perception-bending media' and seeks to 'de-stigmatize any shame around being human.' Their upcoming REWILDING retreat is open to all genders ages 21+; includes topics like 'Activism is Not a 4-Letter Word,' 'Time Out for Trauma,' and '21st Century Mystique'; and features a diverse range of speakers whose work also contributes to a new cultural narrative."
McKayla Robbins, Author and nationally recognized poet (PBS and Bustle)

“This is what makes The MiA (Made In America) Project, the brainchild of Micha Thomas and Jaime Lawson, so unique, timely and downright useful. A brilliant combination of consciously-sourced Made-In-America products and one-stop-shop goodness, The MiA Project seeks to make supporting domestic production as easy, accessible and fun as shopping at your favorite department store.”
Design Sponge

"Micha has been a guiding light for me in both my professional and personal life for many years. She has incredible insight and has helped me maneuver through the difficult roadblocks that are inevitable in life, but can seem overwhelming and scary.  She has been the gentle hand to push me when fear held me back, and the strong hand needed to push me past self-doubt and laziness.  I feel very lucky to have found her."
Brooklyn Gross, TV Producer

"Micha's rapport, empathy and genuine understanding of the stories of others is truly remarkable. She is kind, she is compassionate and she has incredible and invaluable insight. If you're considering coaching with her, I highly recommend. If you're reading this review, you came here for a reason and I encourage you to take the plunge."
Gia Vangieri, Filmmaker and Activist

“I’ve worked with Micha Thomas on an assortment of projects for the past few years and I’m always impressed by her smart, strategic, and creative approach. No matter how much she has on her plate, Micha always makes me feel like I have her attention and that I’m her top priority. Plus, it couldn’t be more fun to work with her.”
Emily Spivack, Editor of Smithsonian’s “Threaded” and the New York Times bestseller “Worn Stories” and “Sentimental Value”

“While I’d enjoyed a successful career in my creative field, I hit a point where I wanted to expand and redefine myself as a professional and wasn’t sure how. Basically, I needed help to identify my dream and I was coming up against no limitation but my own. And self-imposed limitations are the hardest to shed. Through each session with Micha I felt my personal, emotional, and creative blocks dissipate ever further. I felt more and more empowered and supported to dream BIG with pride, while maintaining a sense of grounded realism about it too. This combination encouraged me to ACT and take initiative in new ways. After just a month with Micha I was soaring, and I am so grateful for learning how to free myself.”  
Liz Armstrong, Writer, Editor, Creative Director

“I met Micha Thomas when I applied for credentials for PopTech! in 2010. She impressed me early and often with her professionalism and the way she understood my needs at Elle magazine and helped me get the most out of that conference. Indeed, I was inspired by my experience with Micha and PopTech! to introduce a program at Elle that connects some of the PopTech! fellows and speakers with Elle’s advertisters to fund projects that help women in the world. Frankly, I couldn’t have launched that program without Micha’s help. I look very much forward to our continued collaboration.”
Editor at large, Elle magazine

“Their freshly launched platform is proof positive the loss of shut-eye was not in vain. The after-work hours (their joint resume includes stints in marketing, PR, and wardrobe styling) they spent compiling a roster of designers, artists, and craftspeople devoted to supporting the local and national economy by producing wares on U.S. soil translated into The MiA Project, which brings those quality-oriented makers face to face with design-conscious consumers eager to buy into the cause.”
Daily Candy

“I met Micha Thomas when she was doing publicity for Yahoo! in 2009-2011. Her eagerness, enthusiasm, and overflowing Rolodex were impressive, and they got results. During her time at Yahoo! she greatly increased public awareness for Y! Music’s great content by booking me and several of my co-workers on countless radio and television programs (including the TV Guide Channel and CNN), which resulted in huge traffic spikes to the site. I also owe a great deal career-wise to Micha, personally, as her efforts truly got my name and face in the marketplace and made my column, Reality Rocks, a go-to for “American Idol” fans. Any client who has Micha on their side is very lucky.
Senior Editor, Yahoo! Music

Micha is extremely capable, competent, organized, and flexible– but most importantly, she is a ton of fun and truly cares about her work.  She joined the PopTech team as our PR lead for two major conference cycles, and successfully built new and existing media relationships and garnered highly relevant press coverage.  While working together I would often turn to Micha for her advice and insight into working with a wide range of journalists– in the end she was not merely a PR lead and media strategist, but also a trusted friend.
Dan Barasch, Former Vice President, PopTech; Co-founder, The Lowline

Over the past 5 years working with Micha on various artist-related projects, she has proven time and again that hard work reaps amazing results. Her tireless efforts greatly heightened visibility for our Yahoo! original content programs and she never failed to be both inventive and practical in both approach and execution.
Executive Producer, Yahoo! Originals

Ms. Thomas is the consummate professional. She not only knows the music biz, she knows the media outlets to which she pitches story ideas and knows how newspaper editors think. She’s more knowledgeable than pushy; pleasant but not cloying; and clears the way for access without insisting on untenable terms. She’s also readily equipped with whatever information you need — and if she doesn’t have it, she knows how to get it in a timely fashion. It’s people like Micha who give publicists a good name and make them invaluable to journalists such as myself.
Features Editor, Daily Variety

I met Micha Thomas in the run-up to Pop!Tech in 2010 and found in her a peer. She’s curious in the way that editors are, and recognizes that her interests must be aligned with those in the newsroom—if the story doesn’t ultimately serve the audience, it doesn’t serve her clients either. While this is perhaps no great revelation, Micha distinguishes herself by actually having good ideas that serve everyone, and the right mix of tenacity and perspicacity to pull them off.
Zach Frechette, Editor emeritus, GOOD Magazine; Founder of Quarterly Co.

I met Micha while working on a personal project that I asked her to be apart of as a subject.  I immediately felt comfortable around her and wanted to stay in touch with her. As time went by, my project grew into my first published book, and Micha was there immediately to congratulate me and offered her professional expertise to help me spread the word in a way that I would be comfortable with. She is a breath of fresh air to work with and someone I admire both professionally and personally now.  I hope I am lucky enough to have another project in the near future to work on with her again. She is top-notch and someone you definitely want rooting for you!
Alyson Fox, Artist/designer

Micha Thomas is breath of fresh air in this hard-driving business.  She is completely professional, a delight to work with, a creative fountain of knowledge and very well-connected.  We first met when I was head of development at Fuse TV, and Micha proved to be a strong ally who has great access and respect in the music business.  She was great about feeding me ideas and introductions.  Micha likes to think outside of the box, devotes herself to clients and causes she believes in, and never loses her cool or charm. She’s a tireless worker who singlehandedly possesses the energy of an entire PR department.
Paul Villadolid, Former Head of Development & Independent Producer, Fuse TV