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Reiki Level I Attunement Small Group | January 20

Receiving a Reiki Attunement is a rite of passage to create the healer within, which has really transformed parts of my life. There are four attunements to attain Master Teacher Level. The Level I Attunement (Cho Ku Rei) turns on the light switch to the power within that breaks the physical ties that bind your ability to expand, grow, and live in your truth. Here, you're taught what Reiki means, what it can do for you to heal self, and imparted Reiki energy in an intimate ceremony.

I will be offering my first small group Reiki 1 Attunement September 12, from 4:00-7:00pm in Altadena. Spots are very limited to keep teaching intimate. This course includes literature and hands-on instruction. If you're interested in an individual attunement or attending as a small group on a different day, please reach out to me directly. Sign-up HERE.
Group $125 per person; Private $175